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Today’s consultancy is tomorrow’s compliance. At Chesapeake Associates we can provide you with tax advice and specialist consultancy services on a wide range of taxation matters for both the UK and Internationally, as well as dealing with UK tax compliance requirements.   Whether you’re just setting up in business on your own, going into partnership or moving your business onto the next level by incorporating, Chesapeake Associates can provide all the tools, support and guidance you need.   Chesapeake Associates offer a full range of accounting and compliance services to ensure your business runs smoothly and in keeping with its legal requirements. From bookkeeping to statutory account filing and company secretarial, Chesapeake Associates can assist.   We’re a family business supporting family businesses. Chesapeake Associates understands the complex nature of working with family members and specializes in guiding companies and the families that own and run them to make the decisions that are right for you and your business.  


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